Anonymous: You should take them off of private, because it just shows how much your voice is progressing.

This is true :) I love how people notice these things, really makes me happy! why are you anon!!

Anonymous: Why did you delete your other covers on YouTube :(

I didnt delete them, just put them on private :( They were old and my voice wasnt that good back then :/

Anonymous: Baby, if you were words on a page, you'd be what they call FINE PRINT!

hahaha thats a good one, i like it, thank you!

shitspoke: hey, any new songs lately?

hey, no sorry no new songs as of late, been really lazy to upload any, although i do play everyday, i should really just take the camera out and record something! thank you for taking interest tho, means a lot :)

Anonymous: Please tell me you're single!

haha well technically i am atm

Anonymous: how many people have you had sex with


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Anonymous: you're so good-looking!

thank you anon, you’re beautiful!

Anonymous: You look like a sausage

i am a sausage

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Musician - Jesse Gerbac Photography - James Tsatsaronis